Ranger Requirements

Known Rangers

Historic Rangers
The Rangers of Albion
The Rangers of the Amanap
The Rangers of Armagh and Caerlywn
The Rangers of Hexewald
The Rangers of the Khanates
The Rangers of the Sea
The Rangers of Vlahiskoi

Information Breakdown

Ability Requirements

Strength 13
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Wisdom 14

Prime Requisites


Races Allowed


Alignments Allowed

Lawful good
Neutral good
Chaotic Rood

Ranger info

Ranger Abilities


Level Information Received (Ranger’s Handbook table 19)
1-2: general type of creature
3-4: specific type of creature and where it was heading
5-6: probably number of creatures
7: size and/or age of the creatures
8: pace
9: how recently the trail was made
10+: condition of the creatures (wounded, mounted, etc)

Every 3 levels you get a +1 to tracking score – so at level 7 he has +2

Terrain Tracking Modifiers (table 15)
fresh snow +6
thick brush +4
leafy forests, dusty floors, highgrass fields +3
desert -2
swamp -5
rocky ground, stone floors, shallow water -10

Illumination Modifiers (table 16)
sunny day, full moon night 0
twilight, light fog, single torch in dark building, snowing -3
dim night, moderate fog -6
overcast or moonless night, heavy fog, blizzard -10

Movement While Tracking (table 18)
Modified Tracking Score ~ Movement Rate
1-6 ~ 1/4 normal
7-14 ~ 1/2 normal
15+ ~ 3/4 normal

Ranger Requirements

Vanya and the Green Knight Nalga