The best trading city in Upminster Riocht and second in size to Upminster seat.

There is a temple to the Triune Goddess here.
Blindness can be cured by healers at this temple, so their blessings are fairly great. There are three primary priestesses, denoted by the color and style of their dress. Bhrigid is one worshipped here, Cirb another.

Lady Boadica is one of the three primary priestesses, and a violent, fearsome firebrand. She is the one that Laerwyn faced to protect two younger priestesses, Rose and Flida ,from her wrath. Lady Cass and Lady Eithne let her run the place even though its a triad.

The priestesses of the temple memorize many prayers, but the old strengths of the goddess have been mostly forgotten by the populace in favor of the holy well of healing tended and the blessings of Cirb upon the sheep.

There’s a public bath at the temple. But most of the townspeople only bathe for festival days.


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