The Rangers of Vlahiskoi


Ranger of Severskii, older than 70 and the oldest of the rangers, also a werewolf. Married to Liza. Konstantine is his apprentice.

Second Ranger of Severskii, 30 year old half-gypsy bastard prince of the old knyaz. Current Knyaz Aleksei is his younger brother. The Knyagina Garusha hates him, but right now she is turned to stone.

Head of the Ranger Council, no specific volost, inherited the knowledge of Anton through the bite of Feofan. He knows stories of Klavda. Currently on a quest with a steel dragon to find the “lost elves.” Quote: “He befriended a steel dragon last I heard of him. And they were looking for elves.”

“Ones other then whom you knew?” “Lost ones. That was what his marks said. He was going looking for the lost elves. Which ones those are, we don’t know.” :::lost elves? Can they get lost?:::: “I asked the wood elves, and they said no enclaves had gone recently missing. But steel dragons gather stories like magpies gather bright objects. The meet decided it was some quest the dragon convinced him of.”

The ranger of Krest

Ivan and Vasiliy
The rangers of Provost and Cluj respectively


Half-drow, father left drow society to join a witch in the forest. Her parents were burned at the stake by Rsha, and she was left by her mother in the forest snow. She is the unofficial apprentice taken in by the ex-ranger Nazariy of Rsha. He raped her once she was old enough to be desirable. She eventually killed him and struck out on her own, finding Koliada, her white direwolf.

apprentice to Riduk


ranger who didn’t play it safe with vampires, was turned, and killed his master, Anton, absorbing all his knowledge. He came to himself in that moment and fled to the ranger council. He bit Valantin, then 17, to pass on Anton’s knowledge. Then he begged Valentin to kill him, and Valentin did.

previous head of the rangers, master to Feofan, killed by Feofan when he went after him into a vampire’s lair

The Rangers of Vlahiskoi

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