The Wordswood

A forest of small, ancient oaks on the outside of the Wall – between stone and the banks of the Amanap. It is technically in Caerlywnn’s part, but very near to Armagh.

The oaks all look different but in a way that makes them similar, they are all equally twisted and crazy.

While undergoing surgery to correct the bend in his Silver spine, Konstantine dreamed of the Wordswood below the zepplin, and walking among the tress there. It was reminiscent of the ring he and Koit had named, only darker and menacing seeming. He met Baba Oak, and she spoke of her annoyance at squirrels and the young, but how Vlahiskoi respects their trees and their elderly. Konstantine asked her about Baba Yaga, to which the old tree replied to ask the seapines and the broomtrees, for they would know better news of her. She also complained of the constant racket of singing of a stone in their circle.

Approaching the stone Konstantine found projections of Luka and Koit to speak to, learning that they were still not to the Crimson Castle, still lost, and still on the run. Koit seemed fed up and a little more Seme. Konstantine’s failure in the dream to silence the stone or take it away made all the trees hostile. He spent the last hours crouched near the stone in fear of them.

On waking and recovering, he found the stone again, and the Baba Tree with Aneirin. The stone was dug out and removed and the Baba’s hole un-acorned and tarred up. It was an elven white stone, like to Lucern’s Road, buried and out of all mind for generations.

The Wordswood

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