Upminster Riocht

Due East along a road out of the marshes of Blackpoole, people thin — more sheep than people, one comes to the kingdom Upminster, and the best trading town was Stowe on the Wold. The only other so far known town is Thropswitch.

It is two days journey by horse from Cu Fola Riocht.

Upminster is mostly sheep farmers who act like small lords, but there are some merchant towns along the road. Light rain and lowlands, the grass changes in it’s vales from a short cropped nap to wider bladed marsh grasses, with tousel-headed tall grasses lining streams like the furry ridges to a cloud dragons back. It gets muddy suddenly in places, with sinks to a man’s chest deep at places where it is worst. The roads are visible from a distance once one gets close, built up from the rest of the land.

People are glad of a druids passing, since only traveling druids service this country.

Upminster Seat

Within the riocht seat is a castle, not a mead-hall, large and simple, and old looking. It is a nest of stone buildings amidst the highlands. The scattered houses become row houses, crazy tilting stucco and timber on stone bases. Pubs are marked clear by signs with no words, just whatever picture- the sheep and crook, pig and barrel, and nobles always stay at the crown and stag. There is an Abbey of Hengest and Hersa on the far North side of town at the northern pastures towards the rising highland mountains, from where was a priest who traveled to Worthing Keep 20 years before campaign start. At that time his abbey was doing well. About the same size as that of Worthing Keep. There is also a Forge to Ansgar and a temple to the Pentacle. The Pentacle is at town center.

There are buildings of various ages of construction and style that line the streets. The nobles quarter is kept separate and nicer than the rest of the city, with their own tree-lined street, servants to clean refuse from the road, and upscale shopping.

The Castle is large, built by the grandfather of the current righ in modern stonework with marble flooring and stained glass windows, pillars lining some halls.

Royal Family

The righ – His name isn’t so far given, but he is tall, middle aged and hale. His beard is salt and pepper but his long red hair is in a healthy loose braid to his seat. He is proud, defensive and in some ways seems selfish and guarding. Yet a defender of his close friends – something rare and dangerous as a ruler, having actual friends among his nobles.

The queen – an earthy beauty. She is moon faced with soft brown hair and brown doe eyes, a pleasant voice. Thin-waisted but with ample bosom and wide hips. She has a seeming in conversation to be wise and calculating, both knowing the pride of men and trying to work with it from the place women are given in her society.

The Princess – she has looks similar to her mother, but fire and pride similar to her father. She is adventurous, spirited and interested in new and foreign things.

The princess

Upminster Riocht

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