Vassals to the Seat of Severskii
sable, argent, and sanguine
maybe long ago the family was actually cool
to have roses and unicorns and weird dagger cross things


Family Holdings

The family lived in a large house made of old timber, two storied. None of the sons had to sleep on the stove (though Yevgeni got put there on occasion as a joke.) As nobles, Vyacheslav didn’t live on the edge of the forest, but owned the land of the bridge crossing beside the river, also the location of a ford. There was a barracks and training grounds on the other side of the bridge, and some peasants living into the forest, but beyond that was all woods. Upriver was the city seat of the volost of Severskii. Downriver was a fishing village. Southwest towards the great alps behind the family holdings was farmland, vassals to the Vyacheslav house, with very very determined farmers. The forest was in view in every direction. The sunset was always behind the wall of snowy mountains, and dawn was over rolling, steep wooded ones.

Family Makeup
Family tree

  • Jasha, married at 14, has been married teh longest at 12 years and has 5 children ages: 8, 5, 4, 3, 2 (married at 14 makes for difficulty in first births, hence the gap)
  • Gavrel, married at at 15, 9 years, 5 children ages: 7, 6, 5, 4, 2
  • Laurente , married at at 14, so far for 6 years has 3 children ages: 4, 3, 1
  • Mishe, married at 15, for 3 years, 2 children: 3, 1

Current Ages:
Jahsha is 26 27, Gavrel is 24 25, Laurente is 20 21, Mishe is 18 19, Anstice is 17 18, Konstantine is 16 17 , and Yevgeni is 12 13

Family dynamics:

  • Konstantine is between Anstice picking on Yevi often.
  • Mishe probably either joins with Anstice but lets Anstice take the fall or it, or else is picking on Anstice and getting wonderful reactions
  • Anstice is a family pastime
  • all the brothers just pick yevi up and carry him around or move him, he is the family wubby
  • Anstice and Mishe were royal terrors when Konstantine was the small angelic one and yevi was only a baby, the two ganging up on Laurente. Laurente got lots of fighting practice against two opponents.
  • Laurente has always been straightforward and unrelenting.


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