Corbaeren, demon of Yarrow, Lust and Drought


Eris’s madness was a kind of unbalance, not of alignment but of temperament. his willpower like a child’s even though he is intuitive, having to reach for anything shiny. His reason broken, even though he has the knowledge of years. His ability to lead mired like armor in mud without his willpower, even though he was beautiful enough to charm without spells.

But in the constant and balanced care he’s been given, more like a lover than a slave, followed through by being fed not just lust, Laerwyn has balanced him a little.

This put into literal terms here are his wacky stats

intuition =15, willpower= 4 5 (at the naga’s temple)
reason = 5 6 (shouting poetry up at him at the lake), knowledge=15
leadership = 6, charisma = 18
the others are balanced so they wouldn’t occur to him


A creature of Gehenna

Every one is a twinned pair, plenty and barrenness – female and male. Corbaeren’s twin is Ysilmar.

The Eyes of the Tower

The Power of the Tower of Yarrow is a demon, man in form with purple hair and strange, elaborate clothes. His eyes are orbs of unseeing white. Even so far away from the tower he could send dreams. Normally his form shows six wings and a whip of a tail that can grow in width to his wants. His clothes, while opulent, aren’t clothes at all- they are his mutable flesh. His blood is always a deep purple, near black that has a distinct anise smell and is a light toxin if ingested.

His true name was given to Laerwyn in requirement that he swear on it – by neither word nor deed to injure any relative of Laerwyn’s blood, and indirectly therefore Yarrow’s, future, present, or past save Yarrow himself. Laerwyn did share this name with Aneirin of Tara, in case of his death, before he went after the demon to either bind it or try to slay it after the massacre of kouros of three riocht.

Laerwyn gave him the false name “Eriskyne” just before freeing him from the Tower, thinking of fate and his own choices with the creature – ‘air an sgian, upon the knife’

Yarrow’s Binding

‘you are the eyes of the altar, blind one, and you know its no power of yours that you see by. know always you are but a medium, a tool, a piece of this place, no more than stones.’

“Whatever pact he made with the earth, it took my sight. Not my eyes, my sight. Everything I had seen before. All my memories became blackness. A palimpsest for fate’s writings. I could only see what the tower saw, or what my victims see. Only borrowed eyes.”

Chained to be the seer’s sight of the future, the past, and the present utilizing a tower of runes and a feeding system of blood into a bowl. The whole shebang somehow connected to a dagger that was fashioned in like for to how Corbaeren was revealed to truly look like –
A delicate dagger, the color wouldn’t show, but it would look the same color from handle to pommel to tip, and be carved, not forged looking. It was carved fully 3 dimensional, straight through, scene on the pommel of a six bat winged man with a crown of horns spread eagled in the center, his tiny stone penis erect, and his eyes just holes.


Gehenna is lost. If they see what you are, they will enslave you, or kill you. The Jackals. The jackal headed and their armies of beetles and fish and frogs. They lost their lands to the Blood War. Decided to come piss on ours.

Uzoal took their form, made himself a lord in an usurper’s skin. A raven using dogs to steal another raven’s nest. It must be so thick with them now you can’t wear another skin. But he was always a coward before the others. Perhaps its only him.

He always wanted my lands, but he was weak. Others must have taken them when I was trapped. He would have needed help to stand against any of them. He said if I showed me face in Gehenna again he would flay me and give me a jackal skin of my own to wear. If I am there I might tell them he’s not what he seems. But he was afraid enough he didnt just kill me. Thats how you know he’s a coward.

The only reason he even found me was that my lands were where that door opens. A piece of gehenna left behind when the gods returned home after the Time of Troubles. He wandered through and I was on the other side.


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