Mad Queen of Ogbheanmire, daughter of Diomedea and Bronagh


Finnian Laudine

Daughter of the strange Queen Diomeda and the King Bronagh, insane and locked in the tower at Ogbheanmire for safekeeping, having been stolen back from a happy life with elves. She was married to an elf knight, Lathuren, having been already pregnant with Merlyon, when Drystan stole her back.

She Went Missing

Finnian loved us, but never showed preference. She would braid flowers into our hair, or demand simple tasks of us. It was a pleasant pain, drawn out over long years. After all, how could the one of us not be happy for the other, who would be king. We would be his best knight.

We were men by the time she was of age. The looming choice, which her father put to her, made her ever the wilder. She would escape us, running into the forest. She made a game of it, always played that it was a chase of hart and hind, and she would name one of us the winner.

Then one day…neither of us found her.

Where She Went

I laid down in a glade that sang with bees, reminding me of home. When I woke I was in a wondrous city. As though I had died and come into paradise. But it was only what had always been there, hidden from me.

The elves suffered me to be among them, tended my wounds. I slept up in the tree limbs like some bird, cradled in gossamer silk. I heard their songs. I could have been happy, I think they would have let me stay. But I couldn’t give up the quest. I had no idea how close I was to its end. She was there, had been there all that time. She…came to see me. I was…enraged. All the destruction that had been wrought of her careless leaving, and she was not even any prisoner. Had never spoken to Yvain or I…though she said she had not seen us. Maybe the elves kept us from her.

She said she had found glade that was hidden on all sides by stone, that Yvain and I never found, and that she would go there in her game, until it was time to return to the castle. But that one day there had been another. …an elf lord. It is rare for the elves to look on human women, but Finnian…

The Rape of Finnian

I took her in my arms…she fought me. But I was stronger. I had to fight my way from them. After I slew one, they fell back. I had arrows in my legs, but she shielded my head and torso by being draped over it. Maybe they though to leave humans to humans. I carried her back without stopping. All the way here.
To find…the castle nigh empty. Only…only Bors and Hywel were left.

She had left the castle full of life and people, she had loved her father. Maybe it was a weakness in his line, with so few to marry amongst. She broke as he had. She started to tear at herself, at her eyes… It was horrible. I held her till it passed. I thought….if she could love me. If we could have a child, then at least there would be an heir. I have watched all that my family has preserved for time untold come to an end, and the last grains in my hand. I would not let go as the others had. I thought her torment would be passing, that I could make her happy, the one I had loved all of her life. It was not passing, and it became clear she was with child.

So there is an heir to this castle, and he does have a knight to serve him. And you come to all that is left.

Revenge Of Madness

As spring broke, ‘one’ came (implied some dread lord of Ravenloft) in the guise of Finnian’s first husband, the elven lord that fathered Merlyon on her, Lathuren, and offered to Corbaeren that hell followed hard after him, craning to catch him, but if the throne was filled it would let him go. No king wants to leave his kingdom, but Corbaeren is mad with want always.

Even the very next night, Innis had arrived and Drystan, he and Laerwyn lay abed together. Freed from her tower and knife put into her hand, and she went for Drustan like a harpy-she has long hated him, every bit as much as love. He was wounded to the death.

She fled to the snows and the moors.

She is dead, lost to the moors. Presumable found and buried by the elves, as they reported this fate.


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