Druid of the Throne of Earth, Chronos


It is unknown if Gladomain chose to remain in the pocket dimension to be reborn into the new cycle, or if he took to the train with the other survivors to travel in the train of the Moon to the new worlds beyond the doors.


Half high elf by his oval eyes, kinda pointy ears, and golden blonde hair. He would have a much wider jaw than tirion, and his hair would be pulled into a long braid, single and simple. He’d look at least 40 human years old, but Atropos could guess he was likely older. He’d be wearing green armor that looked to be made partly of wood and partly of metal, all mossed or patina-ed. A helm with a mask like the Green Man would be under his arm, and a white thorned club, looking like it could be from said locust tree, would lean against his chair.

He was a council druid, servant to Chronos’ fallen Throne of Earth with the other druids: Ursa, Uther, Lyllwn, and Mara. He trained Shy.

He met Tirion and Orphaeton in his youth, a friend of Tirion’s uncle.

Admiration for Orphaeton

“After Orphaeton forswore his home and family, to chase the Deathknight, he stayed first at the grove. He left it soon for discomfort. Though he tells me the suit was gentlemanly.”
I am so angry at him right now. I will tell your embarrassing secret, that you flaunt so happily in most private.

suit???? ’ Atropos would blink ’ Orphaeton boinked Gildemane? or….the other way around? Either way? With …Gildemain?

“He swears he didn’t let him touch him.”

I’ll believe that when I believe he doesn’t with the Pegasus.


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