Druid of the Throne of Earth, Chronos


It is unknown if shechose to remain in the pocket dimension to be reborn into the new cycle, or if she took to the train with the other survivors to travel in the train of the Moon to the new worlds beyond the doors.


The third would be a young and pretty looking half-elf, with brown hair that had copper highlights and large green eyes. Her breasts would be small, and her upper arms muscular, like many women in Strike. She would have it in short pigtails with unruly bangs, and would be wearing layered green shirts that were all tatty – a bright green tank top, a grey-green net shirt, a pine green t-shirt, and and an apple green baby-T with a homemade looking silkscreen of the world tree on it in silver. Her pants would be doeskin, laced up the sides and skin tight, but she’d be wearing tan doc martin style boots with a hole in one toe.

A council druid, servant to Chronos’ fallen Throne of Earth with the other druids: Ursa, Uther, Gladomain, and Mara.

She was the maiden companion of Van Boss, the somewhat broken unicorn of the Throne of Earth.


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