Ser Yvain

Knight and Heir of House √ćonait of Ogbheanmire




His hair was not so white as Urien’s. It was rich, like light cresting the horizon into mist. His eyes were like tourmaline, ringed brown and green and hints of indigo. He was like spring. He would be a good match to a wintery powerful druidess. Nothing would ever have dampened him or daunted him. (he was one year younger than Drystan, so now 37 years old)

Knight and Heir of House √ćonait of Ogbheanmire, son of Urien. His father died protecting King Bronagh in his madness as he went out to demand his wife and daughter of an old White Dragon. Nothing much was found left of them or the dragon. He was the rival, best friend, and first lover to Drystan of Conchobar.

Alive, Yet Not Returned

Laerwyn tried an omen reading of his fate-
The bones fell in a circle (not a perfect one, but to a bone reader) and in the circle were the runes for horn, the one for night, and outside above the circle would be the one for woman or queen, off to a side would be the one for time.

There were no death signs.


Eilwroth of House Dullahan, warriorress, was a lover and somewhat drowess keeper of his. For some reason, this drowish family and its master house Beregov, was far, far afield coming up through the ruins of Krest as Konstantine first poked about in collecting the essence of the place for the Yaga. Lady Beregov talked with Vanya Windfucker about what was the fate of Krest, then purposed to sacrifice her one human slave to the Yaga. Together Yvain and Konstantine killed Eilwroth, Lady Beregov, and her male and female attendants, effectively ending the house and leaving only the slavemaster and slaves alive and huddling in terror in the entry to Krest.

Yvain was then carried to the Crimson Castle by Vanya as a SnowLynx, where Father Cipher could actually communicate with him in Armagh tongue.

Ser Yvain

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