Ulster Ard Righ

The legendary High King of Armagh


Tales of the Ard Righ

“Of the Losing of Excalibur, Fynding of the Fruit of Life, and Journ Wondrous to the Tower of Mists over the Sea” and would have woodblock print .

Ulster has already done all his quests and he’s dying. And no one knows what to do. But Yarrow’s mistress Nimue forsees that they must take him to the sea. She says to take the king to the Hebrides, to the Tower of Mists. But men can’t go there, because its always surrounded by mist, like its name. Yarrow says that it doesnt exist. But a white bird comes with fruit in its mouth from the Tree of Life, all the way from the isle of the Tower. Because earlier Galahad had done the bird a favor.
The Book has a picture of a small white ship with a knight on it like one on a tomb, hands crossed, and a woman in flowy white holding up her hand, standing on the prow, with lots of stylized waves and clouds, and there would be a long winged bird with something in its beak that looked like a star hanging from a twig

“and Nimue leaves ”/campaigns/konstantine/characters/yarrow" class=“wiki-content-link”>Yarrow, and they follow the bird over the sea. The fruit shines" he would point “so they can see it like a star, and come through the Mists. The king is still there.”

The book would have a picture of Yarrow at the beginning, holding the king’s head, and Nimue standing at the king’s feet. There would be a black tower in it behind him, a little etch on top of the hill, not obvious, and the bird would be in the sky on Nimue’s side. Other than that it would be about as the boy had said but made long and with wierd asides, as old tales have.

Deeds of the High King

He pulled Excalibur from the stone
He defeated the Knight of the Kestrel in single combat
He slew the Boar of Caerllywn.
He slept with his sister.
He threw down Excalibur once.


Of lore and legend, he was High King of all of Armagh and supposedly all of Caerlleywnnynlnyn, possibly even into present day Albion. It is vague the limits of his land.

His High Seat is a thing of debate among the cultures of these countries, with fine, large castles of the old period to be found in all of them. However, the Righmir and the Seeing Tower of Yarrow, as well as what seems certain, stated historic fact by Mabnoch the Druid, indicate the ruins in the highlands near Cu Fola, Blackpoole and Runfeld to be the once Seat of the Ard Righ.

The Ruins of the Castle

About 55 miles (at least a day journey or an hour flying) from Mabnoch’s house, broken toothy ruins crown the crest of a snowy bald peak. There are, beside the castle, the toppled, blown apart black stone, unmortared, that was once Yarrow’s private tower in which to serve the Ard Righ. The castle is like Eilean, out on a bridge in the middle of a lake. The stone ruined, crumbling walls are yet strong though, able to be grappled by fighting dragons and smeared with their blood without toppling.

There are sections of wall at least that remain two stories, at least 4 towers to the four corners. There is a high observatory with an inlaid floor, surviving the stars are diamonds and the lines between them were gold, set in deep black blue stone tiles. It glitters under a dusting of snow.

The Secret way

At least one secret way has been hidden all these thousands of years from even the Druids.
" The sign of Caer Arianrhod, the castle of the silver circle, the northern crown in his observatory. That is for Ulster. Below it is the Adder, that is Yarrow’s sign. A drop of your blood on each of the Adder’s stars, from head to tail, and nowhere else. It will open the stairs. The dagger will be in there. Everything else is ready to go to dust, but the dagger wont rust or fade. Its amethyst, a single piece. "

This ritual done, as the blood of an heir to Yarrow drips into the tail, stones sink along the rim of the tower- a spiral staircase downward. The room is about the same size as the tower is round, windowless and dark, and lined all round with bookshelves. There was a semicircular tableshape with castlespire bottleneck shapes mountained along the back and tools hanging from the front, all just be handles, any metal having fallen . Also another round table shape with two chairs beside an alcove in the bookshelf. The table was tapped with a paw, and fell into dust. The bookshelf nearest the stairs was bumped and became dust excepting three spell tomes that fell and cannot rot.

Ulster Ard Righ

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