Druid of the Throne of Earth, Chronos


It is unknown if she chose to remain in the pocket dimension to be reborn into the new cycle, or if she took to the train with the other survivors to travel in the train of the Moon to the new worlds beyond the doors.


A busty and wide woman, very solid looking, with coarse black hair in a bun. She would be wearing an unflattering brown cassock and no shoes. She’d have a proper scythe, like lane’s, next to her, and a very stern unibrow. A mound of sleeping brown fur with no head or tail would be next to her, a very large one. (her bear….friend….mate…frightening)

A council druid, servant to Chronos’ fallen Throne of Earth with the other druids: Lyllwn, Uther, Gladomain, and Mara.


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