High Druid, servant to Ulster Ard Righ


The more that is learned of him, the more he sounds like a right bastard.
This idea is supported by non-rp information about the plant ‘yarrow’

Traditional names for A. millefolium include arrowroot, bad man’s plaything, bloodwort, carpenter’s weed, death flower, devil’s nettle, eerie, field hops, gearwe, hundred leaved grass, knight’s milefoil, knyghten, milefolium, milfoil, millefoil, noble yarrow, nosebleed, old man’s mustard, old man’s pepper, sanguinary, seven year’s love, snake’s grass, soldier, soldier’s woundwort, stanch weed, thousand seal, woundwort, yarroway, yerw.


  • Had a servant naga, named Imdris – "Yarrow had something like that in his service for a while, but not the same kind. It took magic lore from him like a hound takes tidbits that fall from the table. "
  • Bound a demon thing to his tower at the Castle of the Ard Righ, Corbaeren, to give him seer’s access to the wheel of fate. Made sure to enchant it so that not just anyone could even see the demon, and all the predictions therefore were credited to his fame. His relationship with the demon seems at best rape -y, never affectionate, and always power lording.
  • had a ‘wife’, companion, Nimue. She left him and took Ulster to the Hebrides, following the albatross.


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