Klavda's Bow

legendary bow of the first ranger

weapon (ranged)

It is said to have shot endless arrows of sunlight, solid in form where they struck and lasting as holy objects. Proof of this, one shining arrow remains in the keeping of vampires as a relic of time’s victory over their greatest enemy.


Klavda was the great ranger of Gedminas. So bright were his eyes and so longreaching the arc of his bow that the evil creatures that rule Vlahiskoi fell back into the shadows at the farthest edges of all the forests. His life was a golden age where men lived in safety, and his bow was the symbol by which he was known. It is said to be a bow of living trees, slender poles numbered three who twine together as though foreign lovers. The pull is of elven hair, and the grip wrought from a satyr’s horn.

As an old man, Klavda knew the hour of his own death. He walked, cloaked in golden dappled lynx fur and bow in hand, into the autumn forest that day to meet it. Therefore the place of his rest is unknown, and no grave marker was ever raised over it. None have ever found the bow of Klavda, nor has hand drawn it but his.

Klavda's Bow

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