House K'Valor

The crest of the three impaled dark heads

The ruling family/knyazes of Krest for at least three rulers now.

A brother, one only known in play as K’valor who died outside of Minsk, and his first son Morven. K’valor and his son morven both are marked by red hair, long in the wind, and grey-shaded skin showing a half-drowish and quarter drowish inheritance.

K’valor had three wives – Baba Mara, a powerful sorceress, who’s son is Morven, a second wife who died at some point but birthed a 10-ish year old brother, Chor, and the third wife who was essentially an equisitely beautiful bedwarmer about 14 years of age named Yvana. Tvana has a babe of the blood, gender currently unknown.

Arrangements are being made for Yvana to be wedded out of Krest in the caravan of survivors, to Thatch of the surviving guardsmen of Minsk.

Fall of K’Valor

“That I tell you he fought their lord, felled the barbarian chieftan who came to guard him. The gates had just opened when he fell, a bolt in the back of his helm from what I believe to be the General’s black haired left-tenant. The men of Minsk rode out. The Necromancer has taken his body, threw his spirit from it, and laid claim and use of it. He bid me warn you of this much, that you have no hesitation when you see his face again with other mind behind it.”

K’Valor was invited to the White City of the Moon, to continue his battle and valor against the enemies of Krest and Vlahiskoi and of the Moon, in honor of his sacrifice. He gladly went, rather than to the Wet Mother, since the Wet Mother cares nothing for vengeance or the wars of men.

House K'Valor

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