House Leonev

A High Noble house of volost Minsk in Vlahiskoi.

Current Members

Lord Pyotr Leonev – famous for ending the Ruling brother of House K’Valor of Krest in battle, though in that same fight he was lamed in leg for life. Deeply interested in elves, lore, and reading and writing. Despite having come into a very gracious and level headed command of pride and logic he was apparently a somewhat recreant youth. He does a good job hiding that he hates politicking and courts.

Illarion – knight
Fyodr – knight

Kira – now Hunter avatar to Lucern
Luka – now Prey avatar to Lucern, traveling with Koit in beyond the Mist


“We were once the lords of the northern hills, watchmen on the road to ”/campaign/konstantine/wikis/kresh" class=“wiki-page-link”> Krest, but that land fell to Krest in the days of the long winter, when the weather was a siege and most outside the city walls starved or froze where they stood to be found in spring, staff in hand, not twenty paces from the front door they couldn’t see or get to."

“Then we had an old name, but not much else. My grandfather moved us into the city, buying a derelict house near the river, one said to have been cursed when the owner cheated a baba and deflowered her daughter. In any case, whatever had happened to it had left it empty for years. Father would reminisce about the leaking, sagging roof and the wild foxes in the courtyard.”

“Father was something of a professional knight, winning horse and armor at tourney, fighting in battles and granted reward by the knyaz, racking up favors from people whose sons or nephews he’d commanded or saved.”

White Dragon

A spring came when a White Dragon set up shop in the ruins of The Black City, an elven ruin on the coast between Krest and Minsk. Pyotr and his father, as well as one other knight, were the only members of the Minsk sortie who survived the victorious battle. They were awarded titles from the knyaz, and given/found of sapphires and elvish mail and white gold of the dragon’s hoard. The family rebuilt the derelict home they lived in and became High Nobles of the court instead of just nobles.

House Leonev

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